Meet the Solavore Sport

The complete Solavore Sport solar oven package on sale in Australia

Refined Design

The Sport may look simple but its shape and design has been developed and refined over many years to deliver the most functional and easy to use solar oven on the market today.

Super Portable

The Sport weighs in at a lightweight 4kgs. At 31cm high by 69cm long and 43cm wide, the Sport is easy to transport and will fit in perfectly with your camping or caravan setup.

Slow Cooked Goodness

Oven temperatures will typically range from 100°C – 125°C with maximums reached at 150°C. This makes the Sport hot enough for slow cooking but not too hot to burn your food. So you can set and forget. Remember, food starts cooking at 82°C.

The Solavore Sport solar oven features a unique design developed over many years

Two Pot Cooking

The Solavore Sport is one of the few solar ovens on the market large enough to handle two pots. It’s big enough to cook for 8 – 10 people and YES you can bake in the Sport!

Year Round Cooking

The Sport is designed to cook at a 30 degree slant for direct, overhead sun in summer. When placed on its side the angle increases to 60 degrees to capture lower angled winter sun. Yes, you can use a solar cooker in winter!

No Tip Over

The Sport has been designed with a low center of gravity and broad base which means it very stable even in high winds or the attention of curious animals.

You can bake in the Solavore Sport solar oven
the TR-86 solar reflector helps the solar oven to heat quickly

NEW TR-86 High Performance Reflector

The Solavore Sport is recognized for its reliable, set-it-and-forget-it performance in all-day slow cooking.  With this month’s introduction of the Solavore TR86 High Performance Reflector, we’re bringing on the heat.  86% Total Reflectance – a near mirror-like surface – means faster pre-heathigher upper end temperatures, and increased range for partial-sun days.

The anodizing process hardens and coats the aluminum, creating a weather and tarnish-resistant surface that will keep the finish looking like new for years.  Like the original, the TR86 reflector is detachable – a distinguishing feature of the Solavore Sport – enabling worry-free unattended slow cooking.

Tough and Durable

Made from tough recycled nylon plastic, the Sport will last for years and take anything you can throw at it. No BPAs.

The best insulation

The Sport features an industry leading 2.5cm thick closed cell foam which won’t absorb water or steam from cooking.

Clever lid

The engineered double layer design of the Sport’s lid creates dead air space which enhances the oven’s insulation.

The most complete Solar Oven package

No other solar oven on sale in Australia boasts as many inclusions and features as the Solavore Sport. At a retail price of $549 there is simply no substitute.

What’s in the box?

Every Solavore Sport is supplied with;

  • two 22cm black GraniteWare pots
  • Solavore TR-86 High Performance Reflector
  • Solavore 600D double-pull zippered carrying case
  • Thermometer
  • Water pasteurisation indicator (WAPI)
  • Getting Started Guide
The Solavore Sport is supplied with a black carry case for the Australian market


Designed to be lightweight and durable, the Sport’s one-piece base is made from injection-molded resin under 1,000 tons of pressure. It has been reinforced with glass fibers to prevent heat degradation and crushing. A black, powder-coated aluminum liner soaks up sunlight, converting it to heat energy for cooking.


Heat retention is critical for performance. With an R-value of 6.5, the Sport leads the solar-oven market in insulation. Its one-inch-thick layer of rigid foam, sandwiched between liner and base, is impervious to water, thanks to thousands of tiny, sealed, air holes—a key design feature since solar cooking generates steam and humidity.


A clear, double-layer insulated lid helps the oven retain heat while letting in maximum sunlight. Made from a durable vacuum-formed polymer, it features a snug-fitting lip (held fast by metal clips) and a layer of solar film to create the one-inch insulating air layer.

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