The Solavore Story

The original design of the Solavore solar oven was developed and distributed by a small Minnesota-based humanitarian organisation called the Solar Oven Society (SOS). SOS distributed solar ovens to developing countries such as Afghanistan, Nicaragua and Haiti.

In 2013, after supplying more than 20,000 solar ovens over 10 years to people in over 60 countries, SOS funding dwindled and the organisation stopped production of their solar ovens.

Luckily, one of the avid supporters of SOS and their solar ovens, Anne Patterson was able to resume production of the flagship model, the Sport in 2015 under the new name of Solavore™. Anne has since been able to apply a career’s worth of business savvy to build a robust, sustainable company that generates not only profits but also continues to generate social and environmental dividends.

Entering Australia

In late 2016 following growing interest from the Australian market, Anne partnered with local ecommerce entrepreneur Jon Warren to bring the Solavore Sport to the Australian market. And so Solavore Australia was born.

Perfectly suited to year round use in Australia, the Solavore Sport and the Solavore brand are set to make a fantastic impression on the outdoors and environmentally conscious market in Australia. We are excited to be able to bring the joy of solar cooking to Australia. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can make the world your kitchen.














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