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The Solavore Sport solar oven with reflector and pots

Introducing the Solavore™ Sport

  • Designed by engineers at 3M and University of Arizona
  • Fuel free, planet friendly
  • Perfect for the Australian outdoors
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Every solar oven helps to fund a Solavore Works project in the developing world

Australia receives more solar radiation than any other continent on Earth, and summer is coming…

Made in the USA. Perfect for Australia.

  • All Solavore solar ovens are made in the USA
  • No continent receives more solar radiation than Australia, making it perfect for solar ovens
  • Aussies love cooking in the great outdoors, so does the Solavore Sport.
solar ovens are perfect for australian conditions
solar ovens are great for camping

Solar Ovens make camp cooking easy.

  • Weighing just 4kgs, the Solavore Sport is an excellent addition to any serious camping or caravanning setup
  • Set and Forget cooking lets you get on with having fun in the great outdoors
  • Running short on fuel or can’t use a fire? Switch to your Solavore.

Environmentally friendly.

  • No fossil fuels needed. Cook with 100% solar energy.
  • The housing of the Solavore Sport is made with recycled nylon plastic
  • Every sale of a Solavore Sport helps to provide a solar oven as an alternative to a cooking fire in the developing world.
solar ovens are environmentally friendly

How the Solavore Sport solar oven works

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